About Us — Wooden Walls Distilling

About Us

Wooden Walls Distilling is a craft distillery and tasting room located on the historic St. John’s waterfront. We make distinctive spirits from high-quality ingredients that capture the essence of our legendary city and province. At our home in the landmark Templeton's Building; once a merchant's store and pier on the St. John’s Harbour, you’ll find a complete grain-to-glass experience that celebrates the culture of craft distilling, steeped in the Newfoundland storytelling tradition. From the botanicals we use to infuse our spirits and the ingredients we use in our cocktails, to the food we serve from our kitchen and the products we stock in our retail store, we are proud to partner with many local producers. Brands that are drivers of a thriving local craft industry built on an age-old principle of trade.

Why Wooden Walls?

“Wooden Walls” is what the sailors and sealers, and the people throughout Newfoundland and Labrador who relied on the seal hunt, called the oak-hulled steamers that once brought the sealers to “The Front”. Commissioned in the 1800’s, The Wooden Walls were built of greenheart oak trees in Scotland to battle the harsh conditions in the North Atlantic. These strong and stately ships, built in the world’s foremost whisky producing region, were soon replaced by steel hulls, but they hold a special place in our history and have been the stuff of many a tall tale over the house’s finest.